Penis Enlargement Exercises You Have to Try!

If you are a man that is genuinely considering his options regarding penis enlargement, you are not alone. It would seem that a majority of men have wished that they were larger, but with so many products and supplements out there for enlargement now, how can you be sure what works and what is just a waste of your money? The best thing you can do is to start free by choosing to implement certain exercises designed to improve things. Know here how to increase your penis size naturally with these simple exercises and tips. Below you will find the top 8 penis enlargement exercises that you should be doing today to get bigger.

#1. Kegel Exercise

Unlike many of the later listed exercises, this type focuses more on having a high-quality erection over simply giving you a little more on the overall length of your penis. In order to do this, you will have to make note of the location of the Pubococcygeus muscle by stopping your peeing midstream naturally. Contract this muscle once you have identified its precise location. When you are starting out, hold each contraction for at least 5 seconds and the rest for a few. Continue this over and over for half an hour.

#2. Backward Pull

This exercise is going to require you to be nearly fully erect, but not as hard as your penis can get. This entire task will take up about five or six minutes of your time, so prepare yourself. After you have gotten yourself to the appropriate erection stage, place your thumb squarely on the top of your shaft. To get a starting point, have your thumb placed about one inch back from the head. You are then going to pull the skin on the top of your shaft back towards your body for around half a minute. Once you have started, you can alternate the position of your thumb along the top of your shaft until you have been stretching on and off for 5 minutes or more.

#3. Jelqing (Wet)

For this girth/length exercise, you are going to be using a lubricant of some sort. You are going to want to be close to fully erect for this task. Once you are there, grab your penis with the “okay” hand position. Ideally, you want this grip to be as close to the very bottom of your shaft as you can get it. Tighten your grip and slowly slide up the length of the shaft to the head of your penis. You want a firm enough grip to force blood up the shaft. Just before the head of your penis, let go. That’s one rep. Start with twenty reps and then add more in as you regularly do this exercise.

#4. Thumb Stretching

Another length focused task, you will want to be semi-erect for this exercise. Grasp your penis behind the head firmly and then pull it out away from you where you feel the stretch. Then bring your thumb to rest on the bottom third of the shaft, next to the pubic bone. Firmly press your thumb down towards your feet until you feel the stretch again. Alternate between points on the shaft with your thumb pushing down to maximize your overall gain for about two or three minutes.

#5. Rotation Stretching

Much like most of these listed options, you need a slight erection and a firm grip just below the head of your penis to begin this length improving exercise. Start by stretching your penis out away from your body with the “okay” hand position below your head. While you are mid-stretch, turn your penis clockwise for a total of 30 seconds. Alternate then to a counter-clockwise turn for an additional 30 seconds and rest. Continue until you have done enough reps to occupy three minutes.

#6. Opposite Stretching

Much like many of the other exercises, you need to be partially erect and then grasp your penis firmly behind the head. Stretch your penis out in front of you. With your other hand, you will use the “okay” hand position and those two fingers will grip the base of the shaft just above the testicles. Moving together in unison, both hands will pull away from each other, with the hand at the base pulling toward the body and the one at the head pulling away. Hold this for half a minute and then repeat the process for several reps.

#7. Ultimate Stretching

This is an ideal exercise for improving length, and it is also among the shorter tasks that you can do. You only need about 5-10 minutes to complete this, and it will not require you to be fully erect as some of the others will. For this exercise, you have to grip your penis firmly behind the head (much like many of the other stretches listed here). Pull your penis out, stretching it away from you completely for half a minute. Stretch it straight up towards your stomach for the same amount of time. Next stretch to the left for 30 seconds, to the right for 30 seconds and finally stretch your penis straight down towards your feet for the final 30 seconds of the exercise.

#8. Hangers and Weights

These are the least desirable and recommended options out there because you risk injury from improper usage of these devices. That being said, hangers with weights have been proven to give real results in terms of adding length. It is much safer for you to choose to use vacuum systems for the hangers rather than constriction options. Based on the instructions that come with the particular brand and product that you get, you can determine how to squirt long you should wear it and how often for the best results.

These are 8 common exercises that you can do every day to add some length to your penis. This natural approach makes penis enlargement something that you don’t have to be weird about or shy away from. Many men are looking for the same information you are, and these exercises are sure to help you out in your quest.