How To Connect Your PC To Mobile Internet Via Wifi

Want to connect your PC to mobile internet? Here we will explain to you how to do so. It’s evident that mobile internet speed can’t beat the speed provided by LAN and another internet facility available for PC. But, you can’t overlook the importance of the mobile internet and its usage on PC. Imagine the scenario you’ve some urgent office work, and you need send some document to your colleague, but your LAN or broadband is not working. Official website What will you do? Well, when there is faith, there is way, and when there is the need, there is the mobile internet. Yes, you can use your mobile internet on your PC to send the document to your college.

Let me explain to you how to connect your PC to the mobile internet, but before we proceed it’s better, we get familiar with the requirement.


Smartphone with internet facility and hotspot feature to create the wifi network

A PC with wifi feature to connect with the mobile hotspot network.

How To Connect?
Here we have explained step by step procedure to connect your PC to the mobile internet. Follow them correctly and you will be able to use your mobile internet on your PC.

STEP 1: Go To Your Phone

Go to your phone and access settings. There you will find the option “Tethering and Hotspot.” Click on it and enter the menu.

Step 2: Enable The Hotspot

Now here you need to enable the hotspot on your mobile phone to generate wifi signal. Don’t forget to enable your internet as well before you allow hotspot connectivity.

Step 3: Add Security

It’s necessary that you add security to your phone’s hotspot network. Without protection, your hotspot internet connection will be open for all. In open network case, anyone can use your internet for legal and illegal purposes. So, don’t forget to add security. To add password go to “Setup Wifi Hotspot.” There you will see a box to enter the password or key of your choice. Just add any password but make sure you remember it as you will need this password while connecting your PC with this hotspot network. Enter the password, save the settings and get back.

Step 4: Go To Your PC

Now go to your PC and open wifi connection page. Your mobiles hotspot name must be there in the list. If it’s not there simply refresh the available network page and it will appear there.

Step 5: Enter The Password And Connect

Now just enter the password that you’ve defined for your phone’s hotspot network earlier and click ” Connect.”

Boom!! Your PC will get connected to your mobile network, and now you can access internet on your PC without any LAN or broadband.

Isn’t that simple? Hope you will be able to connect your PC to your mobile internet now. Keep following us to know more such tech stuff and stay updated with the tech things.