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Is it really possible to find a laptop for less than 100 bucks? Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? The amazing thing is that it is true, you can find a laptop for under 100 dollars. But being so cheap it’s very very unlikely you’d be able to find one brand new. That’s why almost all if not all the laptops displayed within our website are of used condition and are sold on ebay. Just a couple of the few points one should consider before actually buying a laptop under $100. After all a 100 bucks is peanuts to pay for a laptop. Laptop for Video Editing under 1000 Something that was totally unheard of a few years back. Another point you may want to consider is the state of the battery for the laptop. Because the laptop will most likely be used/pre-owned, the battery might not be preforming as well as it should, this is because laptop batteries tend to deteriorate over time and need replacing. Also replacing batteries can be expensive depending on the model of the laptop. However, some cheap battery models are available, never the less you have been notified.

Another thing to consider is the age of the laptop, being just $100 or less it’s likely to be a few years old so make sure you read the descriptions carefully and meticulously research a laptop that you think you would like to buy. Also don’t be afraid to ask a seller a question about things like, whether everything works as it should, does it come with a genuine copy of windows etc. These things we have pointed out are very important matters to consider before clicking the ‘Buy it Now’ or bidding on any item. We hope that you find some laptops under 100 that are right for you and you are totally satisfied with your purchase, happy browsing!

Acer laptop:

Acer laptops are at the top of the list when it comes to cheap laptops below 100 dollars!

Dell laptop

Currently featured as our most desired range of laptops for less than 100 are the very popular brand Dell.

Bargains Come and Go, So Act Quickly

laptopSome people that like to tinker around with rebuilding or upgrading laptops find these as a must have, so you have to act quickly when you find one you like. Memory and hard drives are relatively cheap and easy to upgrade, meaning you could improve your laptops performance and if you are an entrepreneur even re-sell them for a bit of a profit. They are also perfect for introducing you children to mobile computing. Notebooks in this price range are extremely capable of assisting with homework and keeping touch with friends electronically. It is far better to learn on a working system that costs so little compared to one that you purchased for several hundred dollars. Maybe you have an elderly parent that simply wants to type letters to friends or email family; is there a better choice than this? Laptops selling for less than 100 dollars move quickly so why not take a few moments to find the one that peaks you interest and take it home today?

Finding cheap laptops under 100 can be an incredibly satisfying achievement. Especially when the economy is down and you need to spend every penny as wisely as possible. So it pays to be a bit patient with your purchase as buying cheap laptops under 100 isn’t always guaranteed and you might end up with an inferior laptop.

They are perfect for those who wish to move beyond their desktop PC’s and experience portable computing for the first time as well as those on a tight budget. ReviewsGeek Processing and memory speeds in notebooks priced under 100 dollars will be acceptable and capable of handling most popular productivity programs as well as access to the internet. They may have some cosmetic flaws but this will be noted so you are aware of what you are getting. The truth is that you simply can’t go wrong with purchasing a couple of these based on the price alone.